Mikołaj Czyż
Psychotherapy and Seminars
11 3 2013

Why Processwork? video ad by Institut für Prozessarbeit, Zürich

Why Process Work?

Because you want to take the steps to change.
Because you want to be connected to people and to yourself.
Because your dreams seem to real not to be taken seriously.

So how does it work?

Process Work starts exactly where you are.
Your individual perception is the starting point.
You will study your own life, how it connects to the bigger flow of conflicts, thoughts, events in your community and culture.

You will learn tools to go deeper into the known and the unknown aspects of how you experience your mind and body.

This practice of focusing your mind in new ways starts to have impact on your everyday life, helping you to become who you were meant to be.
Life is a constant flow. The only stable thing is the fact that it changes. Process Work offers attitudes and tools for surfing the waves of change in your life instead of drowning in them.

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