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Couples, marriages and relations – psychotherapy.

02 25 2016

How to fight for a relationship in trouble? an interview

“After the first phase of being in love, after the feeling that everything is going to be wonderful, it becomes clear, that that’s not what’s going to happen (…)”

02 15 2016


Ups and downs of living in relationships: a blog about psychology of relations.

02 22 2015

Culture shock and reverse culture shock – psychotherapy

Psychotherapeutic help for people experiencing difficulties adapting to foreign culture and environment.

11 3 2013

Why Processwork? video ad by Institut für Prozessarbeit, Zürich

Because you want to take the steps to change; because you want to be connected to people and to yourself (…)
Video advert by Institut für Prozessarbeit, Zürich

06 24 2013

“Psychotherapy and psychological services in Warsaw” a website

A website for the English speaking community of Warsaw.

01 1 2013

New Year’s Interview for Warsaw Insider

About New Year’s resolutions, psychotherapy and working with couples.