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It is a synonym of the Process Oriented Psychology.

08 10 2016

Understanding drug use and addiction an interview

To understand why people take drugs, you have to first understand individual motivations. But are some of these motivations universal? And can one unified message help people quit?

08 6 2016

Psychotherapy via Skype

Basic information about psychotherapy via Skype.

11 4 2015

“Addictive tendencies” an article

Addictions can be approached from two perspectives: a “causal” perspective or an “intentional” or “final” perspective.

11 4 2015

“What am I doing this for?” – a web app about addictions

The web application to facilitate reflection on using behaviors and substances.

10 6 2014

The Journal of Process Oriented Psychology available online

The project of republishing the original, printed journal online.

05 2 2014

Worldwork 2014, Warsaw photographs

Worldwork seminar 2014, Warsaw, Poland. Photo gallery.

11 3 2013

Why Processwork? video ad by Institut für Prozessarbeit, Zürich

Because you want to take the steps to change; because you want to be connected to people and to yourself (…)
Video advert by Institut für Prozessarbeit, Zürich

07 2 2012

30th birthday of Processwork the movie

Thierry Weidmann’s movie about the beginnings of Processwork in Zurich in the late 1970s.

04 19 2011

Worldwork 2014 in Poland!

International, experiential training seminar organized by RSPOP triennally, Worldwork, will be held in Warsaw, Poland in 2014. It is the biggest, global Processwork event, with hundreds of participants and facilitators from all over the world.

03 22 2011

Learning at the Gates of Diversity Seminars

Variety of free seminars and workshops as a part of Grundtvig funded project in May 2011.

03 12 2011


Information on the areas of help and psychotherapeutic work, e. g. stress, depressions, conflicts, dreams or career, and notes about supervisions, confidentiality and ethics.

12 8 2010

What is Processwork?

Process Oriented Psychology (or Process Work) is a paradigm developed in the 1970. by a Jungian analyst, Arnold Mindell, PhD, and colleagues. At first its applications were limited mostly to psychotherapy. Now it is also a (social) conflict resolution and facilitation tool.

12 8 2010

Home Page

Individual, couples (marriage), family and group psychotherapy in process oriented psychology approach. Home page of the Warsaw based practice.