Mikołaj Czyż
Psychotherapy and Seminars


07 23 2020

“Aside” Photographic exhibition

Invitation to the exhibition at Warszawski Warsztat. “Out of the main stream of attention.”

07 20 2020

“Data are emotions. Emotions are data.” An exhibition

Virtual exhibition on data and emotion relationships.

02 16 2017

The experiment on addictions early results “What am I doing this for?”

“Are people who turn to sex seeking the same experience as those who turn to alcohol? What states of mind are marijuana users seeking to avoid? Is food addiction similar to Internet addiction? (no)”

08 10 2016

Understanding drug use and addiction an interview

To understand why people take drugs, you have to first understand individual motivations. But are some of these motivations universal? And can one unified message help people quit?

02 25 2016

How to fight for a relationship in trouble? an interview

“After the first phase of being in love, after the feeling that everything is going to be wonderful, it becomes clear, that that’s not what’s going to happen (…)”

02 15 2016


Ups and downs of living in relationships: a blog about psychology of relations.

01 19 2016

Open Days April 4-7th, 2016

Free consultations for individuals and couples (marriages) with psychotherapists Mikołaj Czyż and Agnieszka Serafin. Available in English and Swedish.

11 4 2015

“Addictive tendencies” an article

Addictions can be approached from two perspectives: a “causal” perspective or an “intentional” or “final” perspective.

11 4 2015

“What am I doing this for?” – a web app about addictions

The web application to facilitate reflection on using behaviors and substances.

02 22 2015

Culture shock and reverse culture shock – psychotherapy

Psychotherapeutic help for people experiencing difficulties adapting to foreign culture and environment.

12 11 2014

Open Days January 8-10th, 2015

Free individual and couples (marital) consultations with psychotherapists Mikołaj Czyż and Agnieszka Serafin. Available also in Swedish.

10 6 2014

The Journal of Process Oriented Psychology available online

The project of republishing the original, printed journal online.

05 2 2014

Worldwork 2014, Warsaw photographs

Worldwork seminar 2014, Warsaw, Poland. Photo gallery.

11 13 2013

An interview for the Varsovian

An invitation to Open Days in November.

11 3 2013

Why Processwork? video ad by Institut für Prozessarbeit, Zürich

Because you want to take the steps to change; because you want to be connected to people and to yourself (…)
Video advert by Institut für Prozessarbeit, Zürich