Mikołaj Czyż
Psychotherapy and Seminars

About Me


I am a psychotherapist and I have been working with individuals, couples, families and organizations since 2007. I have been in the post-graduate program at the Instytut Psychologii Procesu, Warsaw, since 2005. During the second phase of these studies I became certified to conduct psychotherapy under the supervision of a licensed teacher of this method.

I have co-developed a number of projects, e.g., psychotherapy center for couples (Centrum Rozwoju dla Par) together with psychotherapist Agnieszka Serafin, and a blog about psychology of relationships. I am particularly interested in researching the following areas: conflicts in relationships, moods, addictive tendencies. I have extensive experience in working with people of different nationalities and coming from different cultures.

I am a student of Polish and foreign teachers, including: Joanna Dulińska, Michał Duda, Kate Jobe and Joe Goodbread, PhD.
I am a member of PSPiPPP (Polish Association of Psychotherapists and Practitioners of Process Oriented Psychology), and I follow its ethical code. The association is incorporated in Polska Rada Psychoterapii (Polish Psychotherapy Council).

I have completed internships at the Oncology Clinic, Military Institute of Medicine, and mental health institutions for people diagnosed with schizophrenia and autistic youth. I am a graduate of the Intensive Course in Processwork in Portland, USA.

I work in Polish and English. I welcome people of all races, genders, ages, sexual orientations and physical abilities.

I am a graduate of the University of Warsaw (M.A. in Management). I was born in 1975. I love photography and running.

I am a husband and a father.

Mikołaj Czyż