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Processwork literature and resources:


Arye, Lane, Unintentional Music (1991) (free download at the Processwork Institute website)
Goodbread, Joe, Befriending Conflict: How to make conflict safer, more productive, and more fun (2010)
Goodbread, Joe, Living on the Edge: The Mythical, Spiritual, and Philosophical Roots of Social Marginality (2009)
Goodbread, Joe, The Dreambody Toolkit: A Practical Introduction to the Philosophy, Goals, and Practice of Process-Oriented Psychology (1997)
Goodbread, Joe, Radical Intercourse: How Dreams Unite Us in Love, Conflict, and Other Inevitable Relationships (1997)
Mindell, Amy, The Dreaming Source of Creativity: 30 Creative and Magical Ways to Work on Yourself (2005)
Mindell, Amy, Metaskills: The Spiritual Art of Therapy (2003)
Mindell, Arnold, Processmind: A User’s Guide to Connecting with the Mind of God (2010)
Mindell, Arnold, Coma: The Dreambody Near Death (2009)
Mindell, Arnold, Earth-Based Psychology: Path Awareness from the Teachings of Don Juan, Richard Feynman, and Lao Tse (2007)
Mindell, Arnold, The Quantum Mind and Healing: How to Listen and Respond to Your Body’s Symptoms (2004)
Mindell, Arnold, Dreaming While Awake: Techniques for 24-Hour Lucid Dreaming (2002)
Mindell, Arnold, The Deep Democracy of Open Forums: Practical Steps to Conflict Prevention and Resolution for the Family, Workplace, and World (2002)
Mindell, Arnold, Working on Yourself Alone: Inner Dreambody Work (2001)
Mindell, Arnold, Working with the Dreaming Body (2001)
Mindell, Arnold & Mindell, Amy, Riding the Horse Backwards: Process Work in Theory and Practice (2001)
Mindell, Arnold, The Leader as Martial Artist: Techniques and Strategies for Revealing Conflict and Creating Community (2000)
Mindell, Arnold, Quantum Mind: The Edge Between Physics and Psychology (2000)
Mindell, Arnold, Sitting in the Fire: Large Group Transformation Using Conflict and Diversity (1995)
Mindell, Arnold, The Shaman’s Body: A New Shamanism for Transforming Health, Relationships, and the Community (1993)

The Journal of Process Oriented Psychology, Lao Tse Press, Portland

Processwork training istitutions

Instytu Psychologii Procesu Poland
Process Work Institute USA
Research Society for Process Oriented Psychology UK
Zentrum Prozessarbeit Switzerland
Process Work Greece

Websites of selected diplomate Processwork teachers

Amy & Arny Mindell
Joanna Dulińska
Michał Duda
Kate Jobe
Joe Goodbread
Ellen & Max Schupbach
Kara Wilde & Pierre Morin
Julie Diamond

Psychotherapy centers

Agnieszka Serafin Warsaw
Psychotherapy and psychological services Warsaw
Psychotherapy for couples Warsaw
Psychotherapy center in Melbourne Australia

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