Mikołaj Czyż
Psychotherapy and Seminars
02 22 2015

Culture shock and reverse culture shock – psychotherapy

A substantial part of my practice is psychotherapeutic work* with expatriates facing challenges of living in a foreign culture and environment.I consult and help foreigners/expats and multicultural relationships experiencing difficulties because of cultural differences, nationality, and race. In particular in regard to issues such as:

  • loneliness, alienation, anxiety,
  • marital crises and difficulties in relationships (heterosexual and homosexual),
  • culture shock and reverse culture shock, the difficulties associated with conflicting ways of thinking, conduct, communication and expressing emotion,
  • career- and work-related conflicts,
  • addictions,
  • issues concerning minority relations: religious, sexual, ethnic or racial.

Psychoterapia: szok kulturowy

* Individual psychotherapy, couples (marital) and family therapy is conducted in Polish and English (Mikołaj Czyż and Agnieszka Serafin) and Swedish (Agnieszka Serafin). Consultations and sessions take place in Warsaw or – when it is not possible – online.