Mikołaj Czyż
Psychotherapy and Seminars


10 16 2013

Open Days November 8-9th, 2013

Free consultations with psychotherapists Agnieszka Serafin and Mikołaj Czyż, available in English and Swedish.

06 24 2013

“Psychotherapy and psychological services in Warsaw” a website

A website for the English speaking community of Warsaw.

01 1 2013

New Year’s Interview for Warsaw Insider

About New Year’s resolutions, psychotherapy and working with couples.

09 5 2012

69 Filtrowa street

New office location, Stara Ochota quite neighborhood (in the very center of Warsaw).

07 2 2012

30th birthday of Processwork the movie

Thierry Weidmann’s movie about the beginnings of Processwork in Zurich in the late 1970s.

04 19 2011

Worldwork 2014 in Poland!

International, experiential training seminar organized by RSPOP triennally, Worldwork, will be held in Warsaw, Poland in 2014. It is the biggest, global Processwork event, with hundreds of participants and facilitators from all over the world.

03 26 2011

Hobbies, passions, and addictions an article

There are plenty of things people do because they bring joy, fulfillment, are interesting or exciting. So how usual activities and hobbies differ from addictive tendencies, and when they become addictions?

03 22 2011

Learning at the Gates of Diversity Seminars

Variety of free seminars and workshops as a part of Grundtvig funded project in May 2011.

03 5 2011

Addictions in the Processwork perspective An introductory workshop

A note about an introductory seminar on addictive tendencies in Processwork paradigm (in Polish) which will take place on 3/2/2011 in Warsaw.

03 5 2011

Workshops & classes catalog for 2011

Paper and PDF versions of a fresh new catalog of seminars and classes for 2011 are out. Grab your copy.