Mikołaj Czyż
Psychotherapy and Seminars
04 19 2011

Worldwork 2014 in Poland!

21. Worldwork 2014 will be held in Poland! This is a great news for Polish psychology, social sciences, psychotherapy and Processwork!

Worldwork is an experiential, international training seminar that takes place every 3 years and is organized by the Research Society for Process-Oriented Psychology (RSPOP). Worldwork is also a small and large group Processwork method and philosophy. Learn more about the Worldwork, Deep Democracy concept and Processwork perspective for working with social, environmental and political issues at the Worldwork website.


“Deep Democracy is the principle behind a community building process that hears all voices and roles, including our collective experiences of altered states, and subtle feelings and tendencies. It is a principle that makes space for the separable, the barely speakable and the unspeakable.”
– Arnold Mindell

Update: Worldwork is over, see photo gallery.