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02 16 2017

The experiment on addictions early results “What am I doing this for?”

“Are people who turn to sex seeking the same experience as those who turn to alcohol? What states of mind are marijuana users seeking to avoid? Is food addiction similar to Internet addiction? (no)”

02 25 2016

How to fight for a relationship in trouble? an interview

“After the first phase of being in love, after the feeling that everything is going to be wonderful, it becomes clear, that that’s not what’s going to happen (…)”

11 4 2015

“Addictive tendencies” an article

Addictions can be approached from two perspectives: a “causal” perspective or an “intentional” or “final” perspective.

11 13 2013

An interview for the Varsovian

An invitation to Open Days in November.

01 1 2013

New Year’s Interview for Warsaw Insider

About New Year’s resolutions, psychotherapy and working with couples.

03 26 2011

Hobbies, passions, and addictions an article

There are plenty of things people do because they bring joy, fulfillment, are interesting or exciting. So how usual activities and hobbies differ from addictive tendencies, and when they become addictions?

12 8 2010


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