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07 23 2020

“Aside” Photographic exhibition

Invitation to the exhibition at Warszawski Warsztat. “Out of the main stream of attention.”

07 20 2020

“Data are emotions. Emotions are data.” An exhibition

Virtual exhibition on data and emotion relationships.

01 19 2016

Open Days April 4-7th, 2016

Free consultations for individuals and couples (marriages) with psychotherapists Mikołaj Czyż and Agnieszka Serafin. Available in English and Swedish.

12 11 2014

Open Days January 8-10th, 2015

Free individual and couples (marital) consultations with psychotherapists Mikołaj Czyż and Agnieszka Serafin. Available also in Swedish.

05 2 2014

Worldwork 2014, Warsaw photographs

Worldwork seminar 2014, Warsaw, Poland. Photo gallery.

10 16 2013

Open Days November 8-9th, 2013

Free consultations with psychotherapists Agnieszka Serafin and Mikołaj Czyż, available in English and Swedish.

04 19 2011

Worldwork 2014 in Poland!

International, experiential training seminar organized by RSPOP triennally, Worldwork, will be held in Warsaw, Poland in 2014. It is the biggest, global Processwork event, with hundreds of participants and facilitators from all over the world.